Friday, November 4, 2016

GitHub Darrell Ulm Profile Page - Open Source Software

Posted here is a link to the profile page of Darrell Ulm for GitHub which has Open Source code in several languages such as C/C++/C#, PHP/MySQL, Assembly Language, and Unity3d.
Some projects include Unity3d/C# code for a grid based game of tile matching, some code for Koha ILS in PHP/MySQL, a game for Unity3d Tap the Object type App, a Data-Parallel Compiler Optimizer written in C, and a module for Drupal called Google Books which loads data into text fields.
GitHub is definitely a great resource for Open Source software development, software workflow, and software development in general and gets better year to year and it seems like almost everyone is using it is some way for some coded project.
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Darrell Ulm at Drupal Open Source CMS Project

This is the link to the public profile of Darrell Ulm (Darrell Raymond Ulm) at listing Open Source projects, written mainly in PHP, MySQL for the Drupal content management system project.

Some of the projects include the Google Book project,, which links up to the Google's project to archive book information. The module allows many options and ways to pull bibliographic information into Drupal text fields. This is a filter module so information is retrieved based on ISBN, ISO or other search, by title, or even by text. Individual entries can be displayed with different fields which can be set on a per item basis. There are also default settings for how to display data in general. Because there is a limit to the amount of book items that can be accessed in a time period, users can get authentication codes to allow accessing more data.

The IP Path Access module,, allows site administrators to restrict specified paths to only specific IP or IP ranges. These can include administrative pages, or any page as needed without having to restrict an entire site. There are also options for bypassing this access control by Drupal user role permissions.

Other modules contributed to include, Site Map, Filefield Role Limit, Sunlight Congressional Districts, and one Drupal Core patch.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Computer Science - Darrell Ulm - Microsoft Research

The Stream Pram paper was written in 2005 and was co-written by Darrell Ulm.

This paper contained ideas about taking the abstract PRAM model, a module of parallel computation, and adding simultaneous multiple instruction streams for increased types of parallelism.
Some of the ideas here could apply to several actual parallel hardware, and the idea of SIMD applied parallel computation is applicable to modern GPU processors and gpGPUs which are excellent for tasks such as ray-tracing, and other graphics applications.
Clusters of GPUs can be thought of as multi-stream PRAM for the purpose of creating parallel algorithms.
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