PHP Utilities for Koha Integrated Library System

PHP Koha Utility Software

Created this set of utilities intended for use by library staff, extending functionality to the Koha Open Source Integrated Library System (ILS).

Due to time constraints, much of the work was done quickly, and these are reports more than mature PHP/MySQL applications.

Designed and implemented these utilities during 2007-2011. Everything is written in PHP/Javascript on top of MySQL.

The utilities include
A reserve pull list tool for open reserves and holds
A canceled reserve tool
A reserve phone/call list utility
Inter-library loan entry and search screens and database subsystem
Screen to perform patron lookup by internal Koha id code instead of barcode
In house use book count entry forms for the reports
Circulation stats report generator
Quick spine label tool if the catalogers do not want to use the batch tools
Cataloging stats report generator
Reserve ratio list to help determine when to order materials
Librarian report generator for shelf lists with export to Excel/Open Office
Scripted book lists to provide daily patron lists for books for web pages based on collections
Library item status search for lost books
Recently returned book list for patrons
Quick patron lookup to verify age of patron for computer use
Printed overdue notices
Emailed overdue notices
Unique Management collection reports and scripted data export
And other tools

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