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Some Drupal Modules I've Used

Recently, a fellow Drupalist asked me a really good question, approximately worded: “what are the modules you are familiar.” This is a great question, and I wanted to pick some awe inspiring modules that had a 'wow-factor' but all I could think of was “link,” “devel,” but what I wanted to say was some great module that really did everything and summarized what Drupal is all about. 

Previous Super Power Planet

Augmented Reality News Aggregator Site using Drupal 7

This was the previous version of which pulled in news feed headers from Google and re-posted using Open Calais,, to put them into categories. This was OK by the Google new feed license, at the time...
Starting to get decent SEO on this until decided to take it down and switch to the personal profile site you are on.

Drupal Google Book Filter Module

Drupal Google Books Filter Module

The Google Books module is a filter module and an API for, that allows a user to insert rich Google Book data into nodes via filters with JSON data retrieved from the Google domain.
This module is released for Drupal 7 at You can see the Google Book module running live below on this page.

Text between [ ], google_books:Hand-book and illustrated catalogue of the engineers' and surveyors' instruments | no_reader
Handbook and Illustrated Catalogue of the Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments
  • Self Linklink
  • Published Date1884
  • TypeOTHER
  • Thumbnaillink
  • Languageen
  • Preview Linklink
  • Info Linklink
  • CountryUS | US
  • SaleabilityFREE
  • Is Ebook1
  • ViewabilityALL_PAGES
  • Embeddable1
  • Public Domain1
  • Web Reader Linklink
  • theme_hook_originalgoogle_books_biblio

This module can be used to insert

  • book data from Google into pages using Drupal filters, There are options to include / exclude any data fields,
  • a book cover image when it exists
  • and for books with a full or partial preview, the Javascript Google book reader for the volume.
There are many search options with Google books and many options to display that data within the Google Book module. The API pulls data from Google Books in a generic way. This module includes data caching so once the book information is loaded the first time with a request for JSON data, the subsequent requests are very fast.